Advanced VO Workshop

When: Wednesday 7/20
Class Frame: 6:30-9:00pmEST
Class size: 10-12 students
Cost: $100

OVERVIEW:  If you’ve taken previous Bootcamps or have some voiceover experience, then this workshop is for you. You’ll work on improving your self-taped recordings, get answers to all of your industry questions, **and get to meet a guest agent from one of NY’s top VO talent agencies!**
Class will be held via zoom. Zoom link and scripts will be shared 1-2 days prior to class.

VO Bootcamp Classic

August 2&4 class is canceled – contact Carrie@vobootcamp.com for updated dates

When: TBD 
Class Frame: 6:45-8:45pmEST
Class size: 6 students
Cost: $200


Whether you’ve been working in a booth for years or you couldn’t tell a microphone from a microwave, VO Bootcamp will teach you something new about voiceovers.  Taught by one of New York’s top VO casting directors, this class will put you through your paces as you work on various pieces of copy both live in class and remotely.  With decades of experience casting for voiceovers including her current work as in house casting at Heard City, Carrie Faverty will make sure you gain invaluable knowledge about the world of voice overs throughout the course of class.  All levels of experience are welcome.


Despite the ominous name, VO Bootcamp is all about fun.  You’ll certainly work hard over the two evenings, but Carrie makes sure to walk you through the class with laughs and encouragement.  She’ll give you clear and concise direction and tips that will help you to understand commercial copy better.  And as we are now living in a more “remote” existence, a large part of the classes will be in teaching you how to interpret copy on your own and direct yourself.

And while questions are encouraged throughout all of Bootcamp, there will be time for a Q&A at the end of the second class for more specific business/industry questions that you might have for Carrie.

Class is conducted over two evenings via Zoom.  There are no refunds or make up classes if you cannot attend both nights.

For more information about Voice Over Bootcamp,
please email: